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SwiftStack is a software-driven data storage and management platform for data-intensive applications and workflows, seamlessly providing access to data across the edge, core data centers, and public clouds

New capabilities in SwiftStack 7:

Ultra-scale Performance Architecture – customer proven at over 100GB/s
ProxyFS Edge – distributed file services for applications and users at the edge
1space File Connector – brings enterprise file data into the cloud namespace
Microsoft Azure support – use 1space to move data in and out of Azure Blob Storage

Also learn about the new SwiftStack AI Architecture

SwiftStack Storage

The highest performance on-premises cloud storage platform that is easy to deploy, operate, and scale. It’s software-driven, providing utmost hardware flexibility and can start from tens of terabytes in a single data center and grow to hundreds of petabytes across multiple geographic regions, providing a platform where you can realize more value from data.  

SwiftStack 1space

Multi-cloud data management software that creates a single storage namespace, across public and private infrastructure, allowing applications and workflows the ability to leverage unique services across clouds. Data placement across clouds is policy-driven, data access is transparent no matter where it lives at rest, and any data can be discovered through metadata search.


SwiftStack Client

While applications can put and get objects into SwiftStack using object APIs, end users also need to access petabyte scale storage.The all-new SwiftStack Client provides simplified access to containers/buckets on macOS, Windows, and Linux.


SwiftStack Solutions


SwiftStack for distributed, at scale AI & ML data pipelines


Maximize the business and security value of data by keeping all tiers of storage active and available

Media and Entertainment

Central storage for your media workflow, from start to finish.

Life Sciences

Active central archive for scientific research data

Backup & Recovery

Drastically simplify your data protection strategy with cloud storage

Medical Imaging

Maximize the business and security value of data by keeping all tiers of storage active and available


Multi-region scale-out storage for long term retention of surveillance data

All Solutions

Tested and documented end-to-end solutions that help our customers move towards cloud-native architectures.

Why SwiftStack

Data Sheet

Why SwiftStack

...over other distributed storage platforms for unstructured data

SwiftStack | 1space


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