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SwiftStack 1space

Edge to core to cloud data management software that creates a single storage namespace, across public and private infrastructure, allowing applications and workflows the ability to leverage unique services across clouds.

Multi-cloud data management software that creates a single storage namespace, across public and private infrastructure, allowing applications and workflows the ability to leverage unique services across clouds.

Use Cases

When evolving your strategy to increase the use of public cloud resources, consider hybrid and multi-cloud workflows as an alternative to “lift-and-shift” or just doing it the old way. SwiftStack 1space enables unprecedented flexibility at a time when applications need it the most.

Whether it is leveraging AI/ML frameworks in a public cloud, deploying containerized applications to further scale, or distributing data in new ways to open up new markets, SwiftStack 1space can help you get your data closer to your applications—no matter where they are running.

Data lifecycle to public cloud

With SwiftStack 1space, data can be automatically and transparently lifecycled to and from the public cloud. 1space can move data based on age or other metadata to another storage location and bring it back when it needs to be utilized. This allows for near-infinite auto-scaling, or the public cloud can be used as another class of storage to which data can be tiered to.

As data is moved from on-premises storage to a public cloud, it remains accessible to users and applications as if it was still local.

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Live migration of applications between clouds

As data sets get larger and larger, operational tasks like moving applications across infrastructure, data centers, or even clouds becomes a challenge. Often, data can be trapped in its current platform because of the effort involved in executing a successful data migration.

Even as data is being moved, SwiftStack presents a single multi-cloud namespace. So as data is requested, from either cloud, it will be successfully served to the application. So, as data is requested from either cloud, it will be successfully served to the application.

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Bursting applications to the public cloud

Cloud bursting enables applications and workflows to leverage compute services available in the public cloud even when the data resides on-premises. This enables the use of public elastic compute capabilities across hybrid and multi-cloud workflows.

SwiftStack 1space orchestrates the ability to push data up to the public cloud, pull data back on-premises, or provide applications transparent access to data that lives both on-premises and in the public cloud.

Enhancing data protection using the public cloud

Often, very large data sets fall outside the scope of traditional data protection strategies, or a second datacenter is not available to protect data offsite. SwiftStack 1space can be a component of a data-protection strategy for data that needs to be stored across two geographically dispersed locations. As 1space helps protect that data using another cloud, that data always remains active and accessible on-premises.

1space Capabilities


A Single, Multi-Cloud Namespace

SwiftStack 1space creates a single namespace from edge to core to cloud. A single namespace enables flexibility for users and applications, as data location can be managed without the need to update application or user configuration.

As data moves throughout the namespace, it is transparent to anyone or anything that uses it.

SwiftStack 1space automates data-intensive workflows to optimize data placement and access. Policies can be customized to enable the desired workflows for your applications and users.

SwiftStack 1space stores data using cloud-native formats and not in a proprietary archive. This means that users and applications can access and operate on the data directly in a public cloud.

Truly hardware-neutral software

Mirroring Data Between Private and Public Clouds

Many workflows need an additional copy of data to be stored in a different physical location for even higher levels of data availability or durability.

The mirroring functionality of SwiftStack 1space is designed to address this functionality, as data can automatically be synchronized with another storage target.

When a 1space profile is configured to sync/mirror data, it provides immediate, asynchronous replication to another storage location to ensure that a second copy of the data is stored offsite in a public cloud.

The 1space profile can be configured to not propagate on-premises deletes to data synchronized to a public cloud. This allows data to be protected against accidental or unintended deletes.

Lifecycling Data To and From a Public Cloud

SwiftStack 1space can be used in an archiving strategy by automatically moving data stored on-premises to a public cloud.

Data is moved after an operator-defined period of time, configurable in days. This can be used to free physical storage capacity on-premises or to use a public cloud as another storage tier.

When a 1space profile is configured to lifecycle, data will be moved to the public cloud after operator-defined number of days. There is an option for the data to be copied to the public cloud immediately, then it would be removed on-premises after the defined time period.

The 1space profile can be configured to create a copy of the data on-premises if it is accessed when it only exists in the public cloud. After the data is restored and the lifecycle time is reached again, it will only exist in the public cloud.

Pay-as-you-grow ownership model

Placing Data Based on Object Metadata

For many workflows, not all data in the namespace needs to be moved or copied to the public cloud. For example, compute-intensive workflows may need a subset of the data in the public cloud for processing. Another use is to lifecycle completed projects to a lower-cost storage tier, or identify important data that should be mirrored to the public cloud.

1space enables sophisticated configuration of policies to be triggered by applications or users as they tag data with metadata. Watch the demo video to learn more.

Pay-as-you-grow ownership model

Enable Live Application Migration Between Clouds

The SwiftStack 1space migration capability can be used to execute a live migration of data stored in a public cloud to a private cloud. Even before the data is moved from the public cloud to a SwiftStack cluster, it is immediately visible to applications and users in the single namespace. This means that applications can access and utilize data as if it was already migrated.

The migration activities are distributed across multiple nodes within the SwiftStack cluster to maximize the use of available network resources. While the migration is in progress, it can be monitored in the SwiftStack Controller.

1space Architecture

1space integrated with SwiftStack

1space is integrated into SwiftStack and provides a centralized data placement and policy engine to create a single addressable data storage namespace from edge to core to cloud.

No additional software needs to be installed to use 1space, and every SwiftStack license includes all 1space capabilities.

Additional functionality is added in optional “middleware” or in the SwiftStack Controller, keeping the core pure.

Truly hardware-neutral software

Shared Nothing Architecture

1space is architected with a shared-nothing approach to deployment and policy execution. This means that actors participating in the single namespace, or applying policies, can be independent and do not need centralized coordination. This is done for scale, performance and reliability.

Linear scaling characteristics are realized when adding worker nodes to the 1space cluster. There is no distributed database, central coordination server, master election, metadata servers, etc.

1space enables multi-part and parallel data transfers to ensure maximum performance from each node in the cluster. Transfers are fully distributed across multiple nodes to maximize available network bandwidth.

1space clustering enables high availability and high reliability policy execution when there are 1space node failures or network partitions.

1space Components

1space Components

1space is deeply integrated with the SwiftStack Storage stack. This enables efficient, high-throughput data movement between storage locations.

There are four unique roles in a SwiftStack cluster (Proxy, Account, Container, and Object). Each node in the cluster is assigned one or more specific roles. For small clusters, it’s common that each node participates in each role. In larger scale clusters, some roles are given their own nodes. No matter how the cluster is initially configured, it can be seamlessly modified and scaled at any time.

Both capacity and performance of a SwiftStack cluster can scale independently. To scale overall performance by allowing more concurrent connections, add nodes with the Proxy role. To scale capacity, add nodes with the Object role.

For most applications—whether servers, network, or storage—adding hardware infrastructure is a tedious process. With SwiftStack, the expansion of the cluster can be automated by setting up hardware profiles for each type of server in the cluster. For example, some servers may be high-capacity for a specific use, while others may have a higher ratio of CPU for performance applications. These can be recognized automatically and added to the cluster with no administration overhead. Learn more.

The 1space Cloud Connector is deployed as a container in the public cloud and can be provisioned as a load-balanced cluster for high availability. While data is always directly accessible in the public cloud via native APIs, the 1space Connector is an optional component for locally accessing data in the single namespace.

The 1space Cloud Connector enables applications to burst to the public cloud and retain access to all data

With the 1space Cloud Connector, applications can be live-migrated to a public cloud while retaining access to on-premises data

1space File Connector Diagram

1space File Connector

The 1space File Connector brings existing enterprise file data into the cloud namespace so cloud-native applications can access data via S3 or Swift object APIs without complex migration. The containerized 1space File Connector interacts with network-attached storage (NAS) and can scale out to provide high-performance access to modern applications.

This allows businesses and organizations to modernize their workflows incrementally and apply 1space data placement and protection policies (copy, move, tier) to file data when needed.”

Extend with custom middleware

1space Management

The SwiftStack Controller provides a simple GUI management framework for all policy creation and monitoring for 1space. Once you associate your public cloud accounts with SwiftStack, all data placement and movement policies are controlled and monitored in the SwiftStack interface.

1space profiles define data policy execution. This enables multiple storage accounts to share the same 1space execution settings.

1space mappings assign profiles to link specific on-premises storage locations with public cloud storage locations.

1space migration configures migration policies from a remote storage locations to a SwiftStack cluster.

The 1space Cloud Connector actively manages the configuration of remote cloud connectors running in the public cloud as new 1space mappings are created.

1space can optionally be configured with a metadata index to support metadata search queries via an API or the SwiftStack Client.


1space Metadata

As we eliminate data silos, metadata becomes the new organizing force for data. Any amount of metadata can be associated with objects, which allows applications to optimize data for end-to-end workflows. Metadata can be leveraged for data discovery and data placement across on-premises and public clouds.

SwiftStack can automatically index metadata associated with objects for user/application metadata search. Metadata can also be leveraged for dynamically assigning 1space policies for custom workflows.

SwiftStack supports the ability to automate the tagging of metadata as data is uploaded. Additionally, metadata can be validated as data is uploaded. Custom metadata schemas can be defined to ensure consistent metadata when automating workflows.

In addition to static policies, 1space can use object metadata to manage multi-cloud data placement. This is incredibly important, because we have found that the best products and services leverage the data they collect to its fullest.

In some workflows, we want to collect a lot of data, but we don’t want to send *everything* to the cloud. With 1space—users or applications can create a set of tags that will trigger data movement.

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Metadata Search

Once metadata is indexed, data can be searched by applications to build custom sets of data for data-intensive workflows. SwiftStack integrates with Elasticsearch, the leading open source indexing and search platform. As metadata changes, SwiftStack will ensure that the metadata in the search index stays up-to-date.

SwiftStack Client includes support for metadata search. Users can collaborate with simple or complex queries that can be managed and shared through a GUI interface.

SwiftStack Client can be used to set metadata that can trigger a 1space data management policy. This enables users to manage data placement with custom workflows.

Enabling 1space Multi-Cloud Data Placement with Metadata Tagging

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Enabling 1space Multi-Cloud Data Placement with Metadata Tagging

With SwiftStack 1space, we can create a set of tags that will trigger data movement between on-premises and public cloud storage resources. Take a look at metadata tagging with SwiftStack 1space

SwiftStack 1space Connector

Demo Video

SwiftStack 1space Connector – Demo of single storage namespace between clouds

SwiftStack 1space – enables a single namespace between public and private cloud storage. The 1space connector is a container that runs in the cloud to provide a single storage namespace in the public cloud for data.

SwiftStack 1space Migrations

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SwiftStack 1space Migrations

SwiftStack 1space Migrations can pull data from any S3 or Swift API target to your SwiftStack Cluster. We can use the full-bandwidth of all available nodes to move the data. And this facilitates live migrations of applications or provides File Access to migrated S3 data.