SwiftStack OpenSource

SwiftStack Open Source

SwiftStack takes pride in its contribution to open source. As the world moves to more cloud-based applications, it becomes increasingly important to have control over data. Our belief is that when data is managed using open-source technologies and accessed using open protocols, it maximizes flexibility and leverages the efforts of a broader community.

One tenet at SwiftStack is that any functions that touch the data are made open source. To achieve that in SwiftStack software, there are four major open source projects for which SwiftStack is the leading contributor.


Object Storage

Powering the world’s largest storage clouds, OpenStack Swift is the leading open source object storage technology. Swift is at the core of SwiftStack and is included in a full and unmodified state.  


Multi-Cloud Data Management

1space connects data namespaces across multiple private and public clouds. It enables SwiftStack’s multi-cloud data placement and access capabilities. It supports both the S3 and Swift APIs.


Cloud Filesystem

Is an open source filesystem integrated into OpenStack Swift. Uniquely capable of enabling file and object API access to the same data. ProxyFS powers SwiftStack’s File Access.

The ProxyFS project began development in 2016 by SwiftStack as an alternative to gateway-based approaches to providing file access to object storage. ProxyFS enables the same data to be accessible via the filesystem and via object API such as the AWS S3 API or OpenStack Swift API. By providing file and object API access to the same data, this enables new object-based applications to coexist and leverage the data created by existing filesystem-based applications. ProxyFS gives file-based applications access to the scale-out architecture of cloud storage. By integrating into OpenStack Swift rather than take a gateway approach, ProxyFS builds on a great storage platform for capacity-optimized, unstructured data storage to get workflows ready to support cloud-native applications. SwiftStack is the leading contributor to ProxyFS and it serves at the core of SwiftStack’s File Access. Resources Video: File Access Architecture SwiftStack File Access Demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xp1m7mG3Hbg&t=7s ProxyFS development announcement at OpenStack Summit Spring 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yKEIUAQ8O4 ProxyFS on Github https://github.com/swiftstack/ProxyFS ProxyFS Architecture Overview http://code.swiftstack.com/proxyfs/ Documentation


Metadata Search

MetaSync enables a enterprise to have a single index of all unstructured data across multiple clouds. MetaSync is a key component to SwiftStack’s metadata search capabilities and integration with platforms like Elasticsearch.