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Ultra-Scale Storage Performance

Unlimited throughput. Unlimited capacity. Reasonable cost. Unmatched by any other cloud storage platform.

SwiftStack’s distributed shared-nothing architecture was designed from its inception to scale linearly and flexibly, which makes it the perfect answer to the ever-more-challenging requirements of today’s modern applications. Capacity and throughput bandwidth can be scaled independently or in parallel and can be added without disruption. Industry-standard servers can be mixed and matched to optimize hardware costs, and with SwiftStack’s software tying it all together, you have your own cloud storage that scales to hundreds of GBytes/sec and Exabytes of capacity.

SwiftStack vs. All-Flash Storage

SwiftStack vrs Flash Diagram

When you need to minimize latency and maximize IOPS, flash is king. In fact, some SwiftStack deployments use flash for specific functions. And flash can even provide high throughput rates, but if you need to grow to petabytes of capacity, flash presents two major challenges: First, administration and organization of data across multiple silos of flash is a burden, and all that flash is going to cost more than you want to pay.

With SwiftStack, production customers regularly achieve dozens of GBytes/sec (even over 100 GBytes/sec!) in throughput and manage dozens of petabytes in just a few hours each week. No matter how large the deployment, the data is always in a single namespace, and the cost is a mere fraction of comparable flash-based capacity. And for those who do need a latency-optimized tier of storage for portions of a workflow, a combined strategy can provide the best of both worlds: Use SwiftStack as your scalable data platform, and use flash for your short-term active workspace.

Strengths at Scale

SwiftStack Flash
Massive Throughput
Highest IOPS / Lowest Latency X
Single Namespace, No Silos X
Linear Scalability X
Low-Effort Administration X
Low Cost per Capacity X

SwiftStack vs. Other Object Storage

SwiftStack Write Throughput Diagram SwiftStack Read Throughput Diagram

No other on-premises object storage was architected to scale like SwiftStack. From its inception, SwiftStack’s storage engine was purpose-built to be just that—an infinitely scalable, distributed, shared-nothing, modern storage platform. While some vendors repurpose other technologies to apply them to data storage, every line of code in SwiftStack software is focused on efficiently and effectively managing data, so it’s no surprise that customers and objective third parties repeatedly demonstrate that SwiftStack outperforms the competition.

A New Level of Throughput Performance AND Scalability is Needed

What Makes SwiftStack Unique?

  • Unparalleled Performance: Scale linearly from a few MBytes/sec to over 100 GBytes/sec of throughput to your most demanding applications.
  • Purpose-Built Architecture: Accelerate your data-driven workflows with a modern platform designed specifically for large-scale data storage.
  • Software-Driven: Choose the hardware that fits your specific requirements and budget: Choose a common server, or customize it with 100GbE NICs, tailor-fit CPUs, right-sized memory, and the perfect balance of HDDs and flash. Don’t pay for what you don’t need.
  • Open Technology: Experience the benefits of rapid innovation, cross-industry collaboration, and freedom from vendor lock-in.
  • In-House Expertise: Depend on a team of trusted cloud storage experts who have seen and helped hundreds of customers modernize their storage, improve their workflows, and move successfully into a hybrid or multi-cloud reality.
  • Customer-Proven: Gain confidence from Verizon, eBay, NVIDIA, Snapfish, Cisco, Bet365, the U.S. Government, top pharmaceuticals, the most popular online streaming services, massive social media platforms, major universities, and more. These companies have already experienced the benefits of SwiftStack at scale; many evaluated alternatives thoroughly before choosing SwiftStack, and all of them tell us how much SwiftStack continues to help their business.

Why Performance Matters: Example Use Cases

The kind of ultra-scale performance SwiftStack provides isn’t just helpful in theory; it makes a practical difference in critical real-world business. And while SwiftStack’s scalable capacity and low cost point apply to hundreds of business workflows, the number that require massive throughput across massive data sets is growing quickly.

Requires Large, Low-Cost Capacities

Media asset library
Research science archive
Splunk SmartStore storage tier
Web/Mobile asset repository
IT backup target

NEW! Requires Large Capacities AND Throughput

High-speed media ingest
Deep learning for autonomous vehicle development, natural language processing, cancer detection, fraud detection, etc.

Example: Deep Learning for Autonomous Vehicle Development

Autonomous Vehicle Workflow Graphic
  • Survey cars generate terabytes of data per day, which is quickly transferred to SwiftStack for curation in the Data Factory.
  • Curated data from SwiftStack feeds thousands of GPUs for training, validation, and replay testing.
  • Real-world and simulated data is version-controlled and retained immutably for safety and traceability of DNN improvement over time.


Speed of initial data ingest

A lot of data from the survey cars has to be moved and stored quickly.

Cost, Performance, and Scale in DNN Development

The “working set” for training data measures into the 10s of PB—which makes public-cloud egress costs prohibitive.

Thousands of GPUs need to be fed subsets of that data simultaneously to be leveraged effectively—which exceeds what alternative storage architectures can deliver.

SwiftStack’s Solution

Ultra-Scale Performance:

Only SwiftStack’s shared-nothing distributed architecture was designed from its inception to scale linearly to infinite levels of throughput, concurrency, and capacity, which means only SwiftStack can ingest, retain, and feed training data fast enough to fully utilize thousands of parallel GPUs working to produce today’s most intelligent DNNs and ML algorithms.

Learn more at

Example: High-Speed Media Ingest for 4k/8k/UHD/HDR

Media Performance Diagram


Traditional NAS is Full

Many media workflows ingest, edit, distribute, and even archive on the same NAS storage tier, which means there is often capacity pressure when new content arrives. This stalls productive work while old content is moved or deleted.

Ingest and Transfer is Slow

High-speed transfer tools like Aspera can only move data as fast as the storage can read or write.

SwiftStack’s Solution

Ultra-Scale Performance:

Only SwiftStack’s architecture scales linearly to infinite levels of throughput, concurrency, and capacity, which means content can be ingested, distributed, and archived directly on SwiftStack and moved quickly to or from short-term flash storage when needed.

This faster loading and unloading of data means less time spent waiting for the next step in the workflow.

Learn more at

SwiftStack: The Ultra-Scale Performance Leader

As existing large-capacity use cases grow to require high throughput and new extreme-throughput use cases emerge, it is necessary to depend on a storage platform that is designed to scale. SwiftStack’s distributed shared-nothing architecture was designed from its inception to scale linearly and flexibly, which makes it the perfect answer to the ever-more-challenging requirements of today’s modern applications.

And not only is SwiftStack’s software the most scalable in the industry, but SwiftStack is also leading the industry to rethink how performance is understood in the world of data storage and management. (Hint: New metrics are important, and new benchmarking tools may be required.)

If you would like to know more about SwiftStack’s experience or how performance affects today’s large-scale workloads, please contact us!


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