SwiftStack for Analytics

Maximize the business and security value of data by
keeping all tiers of storage active and available

Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

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Increase intelligence and analytics capabilities with long-term retention of data. More data allows businesses to gain deeper insights by searching across months or years instead of just days or weeks.


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As the analytics environment grows, ensure the data management and storage infrastructure can expand with it. SwiftStack allows for capacity and throughput to seamlessly scale independently to ensure the storage infrastructure is always optimized for current data demands.



Eliminate practices of expiring data or storing data offline to primarily satisfy budget constraints. Instead, retain all the data the business needs and not just what traditional tiers of storage allow you to. To further reduce costs, SwiftStack leverages the same standard hardware infrastructure (servers, disks, networking, etc.) that you commonly use for your primary analytics tier and other business-critical applications.

Splunk and SwiftStack

Splunk Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software solves the business needs to analyze event data in real time for the early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches and to collect, store, monitor, analyze, investigate and report on event data for incident response, forensics and regulatory compliance. Splunk also offers advanced Business Analytics and Operational Intelligence to optimize business processes by leveraging machine generated data.

Splunk and SwiftStack Workflow

SwiftStack offers an easy-to-integrate solution for Splunk cold storage using its built-in File Access (NFS or SMB) support. Relative to single-site and space-limited hot and warm data tiers, cold data storage on SwiftStack is highly durable, infinitely scalable, cost-effective, and automatically spans multiple data centers and/or clouds. So, keep all your Splunk data online, search across months or years instead of just days or weeks, durably protect your compliance data, and find new insights to protect and grow your business with SwiftStack and Splunk together!


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Splunk and SwiftStack

Splunk and SwiftStack

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Splunk and SwiftStack - How-To Guide


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