SwiftStack for Medical Imaging

Cloud-native, scale-out storage for health care providers
facing explosive data growth

Hospital IT was built department by department, with infrastructure decisions largely based on the recommendation of the primary software application provider. Medical imaging environments and their related data storage architectures evolved in this fashion. For example, radiology PACS was tied to its own storage unit, cardiology PACS was tied to its own storage unit, and so on.

To address these challenges, SwiftStack enables a health care provider
to build an enterprise-wide Clinical Data Repository:

SwiftStack’s modular design allows hospital IT to “grow as they go” - storing more patient images at higher resolutions, servicing more clinicians in real-time, adding more sites as the organization expands, and incorporating more public cloud capabilities into the workflows. All of these enhancements can be done at the hospital’s pace and without disruption.


SwiftStack enables health care providers
to do more with data:

Supports clinical data from PACS, Vendor Neutral Archives (VNAs), and non-DICOM sources

Stores data on-premises and, optionally, in the public cloud

Solves scale and management challenges

Deploys on hardware of choice, including Cisco UCS

Spans multiple data centers

Offers data durability surpassing ten 9’s

Encrypts data in-transit and on disk


Solution Brief: Swiftstack Media Storage

Solution Brief

Clinical Data Repository

Case Study | Cloud 9 Software, Inc.

Case Study

Cloud 9 Software, Inc. | Leading SaaS Provider Leverages SwiftStack to Consolidate NAS-based Silos for Simpler, More Cost-Efficient Data Management


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