SwiftStack for Surveillance

Multi-region scale-out storage for
long term retention of surveillance data

The use of video surveillance for security and analytics is growing rapidly for business and organizational uses across the world. Today’s cameras have higher resolution and support higher frame rates, resulting in each camera sending ever increasing amounts of data to the video management system. In addition, as the importance of video surveillance increase for security, analytics or other reasons, businesses are deploying more cameras than before, and have requirements to increase their retention period of their video surveillance data.

The increased resolution, frame rates, and retention time is putting tremendous pressure on data storage capabilities. Traditional storage systems are no longer able to meet the data demands–it is too expensive and does not have the ability to properly scale out, creating many silos to manage. Furthermore, organizations are required to guarantee that the data is always durable and available, which means that they often have to keep a copy of the data offsite using tape or use expensive and cumbersome replication software.

SwiftStack addresses these challenges by enabling organizations to build a long term repository for video surveillance data that eliminates silos and can seamlessly scale out capacity, all in a single global namespace. This eliminates the need to use cold storage like tape or complex replication appliances to store and protect the data. If a remote site is not available, data can also be replicated by policy to Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform.


Milestone XProtect VMS and SwiftStack

Splunk and SwiftStack Workflow

MileStone is a global leader in open platform video management solutions for IP camera systems. Milestone Video Management Software (VMS) gives users full control of video surveillance systems, allowing users to integrate Milestone’s broad selection of features as well as supported hardware and third party applications. Milestone Software is integrated with SwiftStack for archiving video data.Learn More


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Surveillance Data Repository

Splunk and SwiftStack

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Milestone XProtect VMS and SwiftStack


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