SwiftStack Integrates with Splunk Enterprise SmartStore

Scalable Analytics

As analytics initiatives grow, ensure the infrastructure can expand with them. SwiftStack allows capacity and throughput to scale independently, handling today's demands and tomorrow's challenges.

Deeper Analytics

Increase business and operational intelligence through long-term retention of data. More data stored in SwiftStack results in deeper insights, as searches can span months or years instead of just days or weeks.

Cost-Effective Analytics

Retain all the data the business needs and not just what the storage budget allows. SwiftStack creates a cost-effective, "grow as you go" storage tier for primary analytics data.

SwiftStack for Splunk Enterprise

A SwiftStack system can be deployed in a single site or across multiple sites to maximize data durability, can scale capacity non-disruptively and infinitely, and is managed through a single dashboard.

Splunk and SwiftStack Workflow

The SwiftStack design is ideal for a Splunk Enterprise deployment, as it creates a scale-out storage tier for warm data that is independent of the Splunk Indexer compute nodes which hold hot data.



The "Smarts" of SmartStore: Modernize Your Splunk Enterprise Storage with SwiftStack & SmartStore

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Modernizing Splunk Enterprise Storage with SwiftStack


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