SwiftStack Customer Support

Committed to ensuring a great experience for our customers

The SwiftStack Support Plan

As part of your SwiftStack subscription license agreement, unlimited technical support is provided for all SwiftStack components, including OpenStack Swift. Our support team can assist with guidance, questions and troubleshooting help as you deploy, configure and manage your SwiftStack object storage clusters.

The SwiftStack Support Plan include:

  • Unlimited number of technical support incidents
  • Business hours assistance for critical and non-critical issues
  • 24×7 coverage for Urgent Priority issues
  • Rolling upgrades, with no cluster downtime
  • Emergency fixes, when required

Documentation and FAQs

To help you get the answers you need we have all of our documentation available online including extensive FAQs, requirements, and cookbooks.  
Online documentation resources include:

Support for SwiftStack Customers

SwiftStack provides Technical Support to all customers holding a current, paid subscription 
agreement with us. If you’re a SwiftStack customer, support requests can be submitted to our Support Team via several different channels.

Go to Online Support System

Support Hours

The SwiftStack Support Team provides support between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. US Pacific Time, Monday-Friday, excluding US Holidays. For Urgent Priority requests, SwiftStack provides support on a 24×7 basis.

For Urgent Priority Support

Urgent Priority is used when a customer’s 
SwiftStack storage system is completely down or unusable. To submit Urgent Priority support requests outside our normal support hours, you must contact us via phone at +1-415-625-0293 and select “2” for Support and “2” again for Urgent Priority support. You will then be connected to our 24×7 support dispatch team who will collect your information and assign a SwiftStack support engineer who will contact you to  
begin the problem resolution process.