OpenStack Swift Training

Your Crash Course on OpenStack Swift

8 Short Videos You Need to See

OpenStack Swift is one of the most widely deployed storage technologies today, powering some of the world's largest clouds.

As the #1 contributors to OpenStack Swift, SwiftStack houses some of the world's foremost experts on Swift.

In the spirit of open source, our experts created 8 short videos that walk you through deploying OpenStack Swift, from bare metal to first byte.

The best part? Do it all in less than 30 minutes!

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"In 2011, OpenStack Object Storage, code-named Swift, was launched as an inaugural project within the OpenStack cloud computing project. OpenStack Swift was a thoughtful and creative response to the unprecedented and precipitous growth in data. It introduced the world to an open-source storage system proven to run at extremely large scale."

Joe Arnold, SwiftStack President and Co-Founder ( Object Storage with Swift )