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Test Drive SwiftStack for Free

SwiftStack offers a variety of ways to try out our products. All of the following options are self-guided.
If you have unique requirements and would like to work with one of our dedicated
Solutions Engineers, then simply request a demo to start the process.

Option 1 - Best for Application Developers (Public Service)

Request API Endpoint Access

Quickly try your S3 or Swift API compatible application against a storage cluster hosted by SwiftStack.

Request Access

Option 2 - Best for Application Developers (Private Tool)

pico swiftstack

pico swiftstack is a Docker image allowing you to quickly run the access layer of SwiftStack so you can test for S3 or Swift API compatibility. pico swiftstack may also be used when integrating with a CI/CD system.


Option 3 - Best for Storage Operators and Workflow Designers

Install Full SwiftStack In Your Environment

Experience the full product by installing the SwiftStack software on servers in your datacenter environment. It starts by creating an account in the SwiftStack Portal, which will give you access to the software.

If you would like to understand the full setup process, check out the Quick Start Guide.

If you would like assistance trying SwiftStack, we’re here to help! Feel free to reach out.

Install SwiftStack in 5min

Video on how to install and deploy a SwiftStack cluster