Test Drive SwiftStack for Free

SwiftStack offers a variety of ways to try out our products. Both of the following options are self-guided. If you have unique requirements and would like to work with one of our dedicated Solutions Engineers, then simply request a demo to start the process.

Request API Endpoint Access

Best for Application Developers.

Quickly try your application against a storage cluster
hosted by SwiftStack.

You will receive the endpoint credentials via email.

Install In Your Environment

Best for Storage Operators and Workflow Designers.

Experience the full product in your datacenter environment.

(1) Sign up for an account

Click here to create a SwiftStack account at portal.swiftstack.com. This SwiftStack Controller-As-a-Service will manage the object storage cluster running on your equipment behind your firewall.

(2) Install SwiftStack software

Execute the single command presented in the SwiftStack Controller-As-a-Service on your Linux node to install the SwiftStack software.

(3) Create a cluster

Back in the SwiftStack Controller-As-a-Service, claim the node, create a new cluster, create a user, and you’re ready to start adding data!

For more detailed instructions, check out the
Quick Start Guide.

How to Install SwiftStack in 5min