Multi-Cloud Data Management
Policy-driven management for data stored across on-premises and
across public clouds to optimize your applications of today and tomorrow
Universal Access  |   Policy Automation  |   Metadata Platform
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SwiftStack innovations power multi-cloud data management for Enterprises, enabling freedom to move workloads between clouds with universal access to data across on-premises and public infrastructure.

Universal Access

Universal Access to Your Data

When your unstructured data is stored in a single namespace backed by cloud storage, more of your users and applications can access it over a longer period of time. This unlocks new opportunities for collaborating on data and simplifying infrastructure management as data grows.

SwiftStack uniquely enables existing applications to store data that is directly usable by cloud-native applications, and vice versa. As a result, storage silos are eliminated, making for faster and more accurate insights from data.

Learn more about the access layer in SwiftStack.

Freedom to Move Between Clouds

Freedom to Move Between Clouds

SwiftStack is integrated with Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage, extending your private storage environment into the public cloud. Being able to automatically move data between clouds enables you to embrace true multi-cloud workflows.

Whether your applications are running in your data center or in the public cloud, they have access to a single storage namespace, allowing for mobility, compute optimization, and collaboration.

Learn more about 1space built into SwiftStack.

Pay As You Grow

Pay As You Grow

A primary benefit of hybrid is the elastic use of resources. If compute and storage in the public cloud is charged for based on consumption, so should the on-premises infrastructure. Pay only for what you use, with no more buying upfront for what you may need years down the road.

With SwiftStack, you procure and expand on-premises storage resources in your data center just as you do in the public cloud. Start small, scale huge on-premises and in the public cloud.

Learn more about SwiftStack’s unique ownership model.


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