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Multi-cloud data storage and management for
data-driven applications and workflows

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SwiftStack AI | IDC Market Note | Executive Snapshot - SwiftStack Stakes Its Play in the AI/ML Market

Esports is Exploding, and so are Data Storage and Management Requirements

Esports environments are unique and state-of-the-art, but on the other hand they have some things in common with other industries doing advanced machine learning, data analytics, and scientific research. Learn more about these challenges and solutions.

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At SwiftStack, we are working with industry-leading enterprises who know that the best products and services store and leverage the most data. Services core to their business are collecting and storing more data, while data is being processed in new ways by applications running across clouds, public and private.

The SwiftStack data storage and management platform simplifies your on-premises infrastructure while enabling limitless scale, helps increases the utilization level of data, and allows you to take incremental steps on your journey towards cloud.

Collapse storage silos

With the ability to seamlessly scale across multiple geographic regions and provide applications access to the same set of data using object APIs or file protocols, workflows can modernize while reducing infrastructure complexity across one or more data centers.  

Utilize petabytes of data

SwiftStack allows applications to discover and utilize tens of terabytes to hundreds of petabytes of data in a single namespace. For modern, cloud-native applications, the use of metadata provides a powerful way to discover, access, and control data. For traditional applications, buckets of data can be presented as a hierarchical file system for broad compatibility.

Move data seamlessly

SwiftStack 1space brings transparent access to data across private data centers and public clouds, allowing applications the ability to leverage unique services across clouds. Workloads now become portable and policies only move data when required, saving cost and time.


SwiftStack Stakes Its Play in the AI/ML Market

IDC Market Note | Executive Snapshot

Infrastructure challenges are the primary inhibitor for broader adoption of AI/ML workflows, SwiftStack’s multi-cloud data management solution is the first of its kind in the industry and effectively handles storage I/O challenges faced by edge-to-core-to-cloud, large-scale AI/ML data pipelines.

Amita Potnis
Research Director at IDC’s Infrastructure Systems
Platforms and Technologies Group

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NVIDIA Preferred Storage Solution Advisor Partner

SwiftStack is proud to be an esteemed storage solution advisor partner, with their NPN - Nvidia Partner Network

  • Premiere Digital | Media & Entertainment

    “It's one less thing I have to stress about because it's extremely solid, easy to use for the entire team, and the performance is outstanding.”

    Vince Auletta,
    Director of Technology

  • DC BLOX | Enterprise

    “Re-purposing existing servers…allowed us to save because we didn't have to buy new hardware for one of our initial deployments. The technical support is good. I would rate it as a nine out of ten.”

    Chris Gatch, CTO

  • Burton Snowboards | Backup

    “SwiftStack cut our storage management overhead for backup by over 90%...the entire process took only an hour and a half."

    Jim Merritt,
    Senior Systems Administrator, Burton Snowboards

  • Counsyl | Life Sciences

    “SwiftStack is a “single source of truth” for our data. Our infrastructure team can manage data placement based on policies to optimize workflows without application developers or researchers even knowing changes have occurred.”

    Jeffrey Tratner,
    Technical Lead, Scientific Computing at Counsyl

Premiere Digital DC BLOX Burton Snowboards Counsyl